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Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) Therapy (Heart to Heart and Associates LLC H2H)



Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) Therapy (Heart to Heart and Associates LLC H2H)

River Edge

New Jersey, United States

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38B River Edge Rd., New Jersey, River Edge 07661




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Age Groups

  • Adolescents(13-18 yrs)
  • Children(4-12 yrs)



At Heart to Heart and Associates LLC, our main purpose is to help children on the Autism Spectrum reach their fullest potential. Through the use of Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) Therapy, our children are given age-appropriate and desired goals that, over time and with the help of our ABA Therapists, they will be able to master and use in any given circumstance. Our home programming is based on the scientific principles and procedures of Applied Behavior Analysis, but it is not exclusive to one strategy within ABA. Each one of our home program teams is made up of A Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA), Program Coordinator and ABA Therapist. The Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA) on the team supervises the child’s custom home program. BCBA’s are responsible for conducting detailed data-based assessments, overseeing the quality and direction of the ABA Therapy program. They will be consulting with family members and other caregivers in order to provide guidance and ensure progress. They are also analyzing daily data collection, and making decisions based on the data collected during the ABA Therapy sessions. The BCBA collaborates with the Program Coordinator and other Therapists in the home and at school. They can also work with School District personnel to implement a customized positive behavior support plan. The Program Coordinator in collaboration with the BCBA writes all ABA programs that go into each child’s individual program book. The Program Coordinator works closely with the ABA Therapist to ensure that all programs are executed correctly. Our behaviorally-trained ABA Therapists on the team conduct the ABA therapy. Each ABA Therapist has completed at least 40 hours of training in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) techniques in accordance with the BCBA Guidelines for Responsible Conduct for Behavior Analysts. They have also undergone a criminal background check. Most of our ABA Therapists have worked in School Districts as trained ABA Aides in inclusive classrooms. In fact, since the science of ABA Therapy is constantly changing and improving, we at Heart to Heart train our staff on the newest techniques of ABA. This is so that our children's experience is the most up-to-date and the most helpful for them in achieving their goals! We also like to make sure that our ABA staff is certified in CPR and 'Handle With Care' Restraint Training, in order to make sure that the child's session is completely safe and sound.




-Children MUST have an Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis from a Pediatric Neurologist OR a Developmental Pediatrician- -Children MUST have a prescription for ABA Therapy from a Pediatric Neurologist

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