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The Traveling Barbers "Hair Professionals For The Disabled"



The Traveling Barbers "Hair Professionals For The Disabled"


Alabama, United States

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In-Home By Appointment In-Home By Appointment, NJ 08603, Alabama, N.J 08603



Age Groups

  • Adolescents(13-18 yrs)
  • Adults(19-25 yrs)
  • Children(4-12 yrs)
  • Elderly(51-65 yrs)
  • Middle Age(36-50 yrs)
  • Old(65+ yrs)
  • Youth(26-35 yrs)



When it's time for a touch-up at the local barbershop or hair salon, it's pretty much a simple process when you think about it? You simply hop in the car and drive down to where the establishment is located and sit and wait to be called for service. This process is not so simple for someone living with a disability. It's a difficult, if not impossible process for many of them. A sense of convenience and comfort needs to be involved in their hair care process, and that is exactly what The Traveling Barbers are offering. We are an in home hair care service for the disabled community who services their hair care needs. We send licensed barbers and hairstylists to the residences of those who has trouble making it out to a conventional barbershop or hair salon and provide them with convenient in-home hair care services in the comfort of their own home. So if you live with a disability or you care for someone with a disability and frequently experience troubles with transportation, we are the answer you have been looking for. Make your life a little bit easier by using our in-home hair care for the disabled service and we'll be waiting for your call.The Traveling Barbers "Hair Professionals For The Disabled". We are a vast team of professional barbers and stylists who covers the entire U.S by going to the residences of those living with disabilities who may have difficulties with transportation, and provide them with in-home hair care services they are unable to seek out on their own in a barbershop or salon.




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